Friday, September 27, 2013

Cyberspace Book Sale & Signing

Many of my friends have asked if I can autograph their book, however, up until now, the postage has been out of reach and my traveling budget, non-existing. In mid-October, I will be holding a Cyperspace Book Sale & Signing from this blog. You will be able to purchase the book and I will personalize and mail it to you. Watch this space for more details, as I work to make the transaction smooth and worry free.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


While writing about my unique cooking method used in restaurants for thirty-five years, I realized I was losing weight using the method at home. I lost ninety-five pounds in ten months and I've kept it off, without going on a diet, but rather, changing my lifestyle. This blog will give you insight that goes beyond my book and cookbook plus share with you new ideas to help you along while you learn this easy system that can change your life the way it did mine.

Never go on a diet again and experience the No-Diet Lifestyle.